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Why Shopify is the Best Platform For Your Online Store

While there are many platforms for you to choose from, Shopify is the best platform for your online store.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider the platform.

1)  Easy Site Setup and Administration - The Shopify code behind, aka Admin is easy to use, to customize your homepage and setup your products, prices, and payment processing. With many predesigned themes to choose from, you could be live in just a weekend.

2)  Secure Payment Processing - Shopify allows you to setup your store with Shopify Pay (through Stripe) and Paypal with just a few clicks.  And that includes google and apple pay compatibility all built in for free.  You don't have to do all the complicated merchant account setup that other stores require you to do.  Just enter your information, setup your payment options, and cha-ching!

3)  Image Optimization - All your homepage and product images are automatically resized and optimized for speed and to be compatible with desktop and mobile viewing.  The website decides which image to show for each user based on their device and shows a smooth user experience everytime.

4)  Uptime, Security, and SSL - Since the shopify servers are hosted by shopify, you get their team of experts maintaining the servers, keeping everything up and online, protecting your site and keeping it secure.

5)  Price is Right - The best part is that the starting price for a shopify store is just $29/month.  And as your business grows, you can upgrade your plan and have your store grow as your traffic grows with Shopify Plus.

Shopify really is the best solution for your store, and there is no reason why not to get started today. Use this link to start your Shopify Store today:

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